Solar Benefits

Other than offering energy savings, solar pool covers also do the following:
• Reduce water loss by sealing in the normal evaporation. This reduces your need to refill your pool by 30%-50%
• Reduces chemical loss through evaporation
• Reduces your cleaning time by keeping out debris that naturally finds itself in your pool

Thermo-Tex Solar Pool Covers
Thermo-Tex is an industrial textile that specializes in heat shielding. When a solar pool cover is made with Thermo-Tex it maximizes the heat retained through special light diffusion that maximizes the pool covers ability to absorb thermal energy and retain it, allowing you to heat your pool naturally.

The state of Ohio issued a “Stay at Home” order effective at 11:59 pm on 3/23/20. Unfortunately, our solar cover business is not considered an “essential business”, so we are unable to ship solar covers at this time. You are welcome to put your order in now and we will ship it immediately when the order is lifted. Thank you for your understanding.