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Solar pool covers, also called bubble pool covers, are the easiest and least expensive way to enjoy your pool and extend your swimming season.These covers resemble a large sheet of bubble wrap that floats on the surface of the water. Our Thermo-tex pool covers are designed with a double bubble layer which maximizes light diffusion for maximum heat retention. Using our solar cover, you can expect a 10°-15° increase in the pool water temperature. This will save you approximately 50-75% on pool heating costs.

The main purpose of a solar pool cover is to attract heat when it’s not in use and then trap the heat under the cover to prevent it from escaping. Our solar covers are designed with a double bubble layer which allows it to float higher on the water and makes it easier to put on and remove compared to other designs. Taking off traditional pool covers can be difficult to do—imagine trying to take off a giant 15-foot wet blanket by yourself. Installing a pool cover on your pool is great to help reduce the cost of owning a pool. The cost of refilling your pool can really add up over the course of a swimming season.


The design of our solar blanket will help reduce the amount of refilling that you must do to your pool every season. In addition to the water saving aspect, you will also save a lot of money on your pool chemical cost. Chemicals are lost through solar breakdown and seeping into the ground, however, the biggest loss is also through evaporation. By installing a pool cover you are going to save about 70% of the cost of your chemicals. Our solar pool covers work equally well on both above ground and in ground swimming pools.

Our solar pool covers reduce the amount of expensive chemicals required and they reduce evaporation which means less make up water is required. They also make the water warmer which everyone enjoys and it extends your swim season. Our simple motto of Swim More, Spend Less couldn’t be more true.

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